We Rule The Playground
Performers Freefonix
Album Freefonix
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We Rule The Playground is the third song from the Freefonix Album and is played in numerous episodes of the Television Show.

Lyrics Edit

We are the souls
Yeah to save rock and roll
'Cause we're taking control
Back away from ya Comaco!
We break all the rules
'Cause we're cool as ICE
We play, music that we lurv and dance in the night
All the kids on the street, they wanna be like us
Prepsies hate us 'cause we're wix and they are jealous of us
We got 'em comin' to our shows in Los Bosmos
And Mya Dezires eyes
Just tryna steal our stuff
If you wanna be cool,
Be a freewaver
Calling out to all bets,
Hey rock is for freewavers!
You wanna join our team?
And help save the world?
Yeah B is for boys and G is for girls

We rule the playground
Jump up, jump up and turn around
C'mon now turn that music loud
'Cause we're gona blow your speakers out

Freefonix! oh, oh, oh!
Freefonix! free, free, free

They wanna battle with us
They always lose soundclashes
Wanna go head to head to head,
With the sonic warriors!

Calling out to prodigies or prepsy wannabes
We're riding in the streets (as a 3, as a 3)
Freefonix! oh, oh, oh (we're the souls... we are the souls)

Gimme an N-I-X
What have we got?

Freefonix! oh, oh, oh
Freefonix! free, free, free
Freefonix! oh oh oh
Freefonix! free, free, free

Are we gonna be beaten?
Whoa no way!
Did we come here to show them?