The Phantom (a.k.a "Scoop Z") is a character who has a main role in the episode "Phantom of the Hip-Hopera".

He used to be the lead singer for the Triple Zs, they were the "greatest band ever" in his opinion until his band mates started saying his sound was too "out there". The Triple Zs were a prepsie band but Scoop Z just wasn't hearing it in his soul so he started playing Freewave style and everyone loved it. He was kicked out of the band for being different and The Paradise got a rep for being haunted. Because of that, he is dead against Freewave music being played in his home; The Paradise, where he hides out, since he feels that was the reason he was kicked out of the band and thus denies he's a Freewaver. His powers allow others to lose control of themselves, for example at a concert where the audience cheered because his powers made them or at his home where Freefonix revealed their feelings and personal information and Mantyz sang Mya's plan and shared their personal information.

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The idea for the episode he came from is possibly the musical, The Phantom of the Opera, the Phantom could often entrance his audience like the Freefonix character could.

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