Freefonix The Bounce

The Bounce is one of the most prominent freewave music clubs that appear within the series. Located in Los Bosmos, it seems to be in the centre of the Freewave movement.

The club appears within the series regularly as a place where the main band of the series, Freefonix perform. The club has hold a number of competitions, special nights etc through out the series where Freewave artists including Freefonix and Mantyz have performed.

The club seems to be managed by two DJs, Snug Fitt and DJ Loose, who are the only two staff from the bounce that we see in the series.

The song seems to be in most of the episodes. The lyrics go like this:

Welcome to the bounce yeah this is real hot

No you never know what you gon' get

But you going to get something at the bounce the bounce

Let's get this show down, we're going to rock you all up and shake it up

Just show that you're rocking at the bounce at the bounce

Let's get it down, moving side to side upside down

I can do everytime that's what people say

You going to rock it but cant stop it

We're going to rock you off your feet at the bounce at the bounce

That's how it's going down, we going to rock it can't stop it

We going to knock you off your feet you can travel that sound but you cant stop that sound.

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