Snug Fit and DJ Loose

Snug Fitt and DJ Loose are two DJs that work in the Freewave club, The Bounce who appear in multiple episodes of the series. They are friends with Freefonix, Snug Fitt being an old friend of Freezbone, who help them out throughout the series.

Even though they are close to Freefonix they don't seem to share their dislike for Mantyz, often letting them perform in the club. Snug Fitt is the older brother of Shanty. There is also a running gag in the series that involves Snug Fitt overacting in situations, even those that may have not happened yet. They tend to be neutral characters and even though they have tried their hand at other things, such as when Snug tried to rap a song for Misty in a contest, they are best at being DJs.

Snug has a green and white phone and also plays the kazoo.

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