Shanty is a Sonic Guardian and the younger sister of Snug Fit. She appeared in the epsiode 'The New Guardian'.

When she was 13, she had low self-esteem, resulting in creating many types of fears. It affected her schoolwork and was ridiculed by her teachers and peers. However, she dreamed of having enough confidence to sing and perform on stage.

She moved to Los Bosmos, where she met BB, Freez, and Mo at the Bounce. After seeing Shanty's fears, BB decided to help her become more confident by finding something Shanty can do well. After many attempts, Shanty mentioned wanting to be in a band. Shanty tries to sing and BB noticed that she may have Sonic powers. Mo and Freez don't believe her, and make a bet that Shanty isn't a Sonic Guardian.

The next day, Shanty practises singing with Freefonix. She overhears them talking about betting whether she can sing or not, and believes that BB was only being nice to her because of a bet.

Depressed, she is found by Mantyz, who have been trying to get into the Bounce to sabotage Freefonix's nightly performance. They trick her into helping them break into the Bounce, where they place a Sonic Scrambler.

At Freefonix's concert, the Sonic Scrambler wrecks their sound. As Mantyz gets ready to perform instead, Lux reveals the true intent of being friends to Shanty, and Shanty realises Mantyz was the true liars.

She helped Freefonix win against Mantyz in a Soundclash by performing her song "phobias", getting rid of her phobias. She thanks them, but still has one fear called 'Hittophobia', which is fear of Hitt who now has a crush on her.

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  • Shanty appears in many episodes of the show as just a character in the background.
  • She suffers from various phobias including: Peladophobia (bald people), Chirophobia (hands), Consecotaleophobia (chopsticks) and Papyrophobia (paper). And yes, those are all real phobias.

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