Age 13
Group Freefonix
Role technologized beat maniac
Power holographic synthesise
Sides Lightside, Sonic Warrior
First The Story Begins

Mostart, mostly called Mo for short, is one of the three main characters of the show, who is part of the Freewave band Freefonix. He is the youngest member of the band.

He, like the rest of the band is a sonic Warrior and guardian of the thirteenth note. Mo's Soundshaper is a unique, hand built, holographic synthesiser, which generates percussion beats and bass-lines, keyboard sounds, squiggily noises, knob twiddling, sonic bubbles, frequalising fx and manipulating both sound, and via the 13th note, the fabric of space-time. His worst fear is not growing any taller. He rides a hov-scooter and uses a yellow and white phone.

He is known to create and modify his Soundshaper to do many different things such as creating shield and sonic security systems.

He is voiced by Jules de Jongh.

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The name Mostart sounds like Mozart, who could be the inspiration for the character, because Mozart was a young musician and genius of his age, since Mo is the youngest main character and a genius after creating his soundshaper by his own mind.

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