Freefonix group 2

This page is a list of episodes of Freefonix, a CBBC television series following the adventures of the band Freefonix as they protect Los Bosmos with the power of the Thirteenth note.

The series launched on 4 January 2008 and aired on children channel CBBC's on their daily segment on BBC One for thirteen weeks.

The rest of the series, which consists of 40 x 24 minute episodes, along with the first thirteen, broadcast over the winter period on weekends on CBBC from 8 December 2008 into the January of 2009.

Episode list Edit

  1. The Story Begins
  2. Risky Music Business
  3. Bizarro BB
  4. Grand Theft Audio
  5. Out of Time
  6. Love Stinks
  7. Mr Start Skips Town
  8. Gloveball Been Very Good to Me
  9. Phantom of the Hip-Hopera
  10. Back by Unpopular Demand
  11. Play Misty for Me
  12. Send in the Clones
  13. Music Soothes the Savage Genie
  14. Prepsie Idol
  15. Death of Cool
  16. Roborapper
  17. Baby BB
  18. Who’s Your Daddy?
  19. Everybody Was Polka Yodel Fighting
  20. Summer Breeze
  21. Land of The Lost
  22. Yule Spend
  23. Mya Mania
  24. You Say It’s Your Birthday
  25. BB’s Bro
  26. Notes in the Machine
  27. The New Guardian
  28. The Jericho Serpent
  29. Two Moons Rising
  30. Mr Start’s Opus
  31. Viva La Diva
  32. Manager Mom
  33. A Nightmare on Freefonix Street
  34. iMinkys
  35. BB’s Bot
  36. Play It Again Kurtz
  37. Nightshift
  38. Sugar’s Day Out
  39. Nine to Fivish
  40. The World’s Hottest Band