ComaCo is the name of a large music company in Los Bosmos which are known for producing plasticised prepsie music. The organisation is owned by Mya. It is sometimes known as ComaCo Records. The logo of ComaCo, a giant "C", also resembles the sign for the currency of Los Bosmos, which is the creddie. The symbol for a creddie is similar to the dollar sign, "S" with the line through it but it is a "C" with the line through instead.

ComaCo itself owns pretty much ALL of Los Bosmos. Such as the Enormodome, Monorail system and most other large companies within the city. Mya keeps a careful eye on the revenue coming into the company and tends to get upset if the money percentage drops any amount. She'll do anything she can to make as much money as she can. Mantyz's rides are also ComaCo property.


ComaCo entrance hall/reception

The building is heavily guarded, although the guards quite often let Freefonix past without meaning to. Usually it's because Freezbone plays the right tune on Misty and his powers of persuation.