A Nightmare on Freefonix Street
Series 01, Episode 33
Air Date Unknown
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A Nightmare on Freefonix Street is the thirty third episode of Freefonix.

Summary Edit

Freefonix all have nightmares, which weaken their 13th Note powers the more "spooked" they are. BB fears no one wants her autograph, Freezbone loses his groove and Mo's nightmares involve not growing any more. Vox sees a way to escape while all their powers are weakened. They lose a sound clash against Mantyz and seem completely useless at their talents.

Vox sends out a dark smoke that makes all their nightmares come true while they sleep! Mo is tiny, BB is near enough invisible and Freez just can't play his guitar anymore. They need to face their fears and have another sound clash with Mantyz. Mo takes some convincing. Meanwhile the "fear vibe" weakens everything that's pure and good, including Sugar Che! They finally persuade Mantyz to sound clash with them so they can face their fears and restore the balance.

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